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TEXT (424) 242-9512
All strains are with a Beautiful dense, frosty nugs with a loud nose with strong smell, It’s Grown by professionals with care. Flushed properly and trimmed tight. Very potent and delicious!

Top-shelf/primo/loud/dank strains only, the quality is very visible (eye) and the smell confirms it(nose).

Sticky firm, covered with trichomes giving it a high THC% good for those using it for recreational purpose(great high) and great CBD strains excellent for marijuana patients.






Delivery is available!! Medical Grade Top shelf greenhouse and indoor. Outdoor is available but it is flooded so I don’t usually deal with it.

I am able to help a few more people out. Looking for someone’s that can do from one ounce to enough units per week. Flavors will change weekly with reoccurring flavors from time to time this is medical-grade.

I will help a few people that want smaller amounts.

Absolutely no fronts till after a first succeful transaction from us no matter how small the quantity is so we will know you are serious client and not a cop, .

Beautiful golden colored Shatter packaged into individual grams. BHO closed loop system triple refined.

Text me (424) 242-9512
for quick order
delivery takes (3 to 6 hours for address closser to our ware house ) and (delivery takes 6 to 20 hours for distance states)
Guaranteed delivery 100% safe.

Looking for consistent supply. I carry a large selection of Indoor products at different price ranges. (Contact me for an updated menu).

I carry products all year round so consistency is assured. I have been in the industry for awhile now so please don’t try to ask for consignment;

If you want to start off small and work your way up to build a business foundation; I will work with as low as an Oz (I have a small selection on zips).

Serious Inquires Only!

TEXT or call (424) 242-9512

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Reference Id:#354
Phone number:(424) 242-9512
Contact email :rosejeniferoo7@gmail.com
Buyer, seller or promoter ?:seller
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