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Cherry Pie is a potent strain of cannabis with 23% THC. It smells of sweet and sour cherries that reminds you of freshly baked cherry pie. This hybrid is legendary and is rumored to be a child of Grandaddy Purple and African Durban Poison.

This indica-dominant marijuana strain delivers a cerebral high. It will genuinely relax you and leave you in a body-heavy state of euphoria. This strain causes its users to quickly forget their worries and simply unwind. Cherry Pie is highly recommended as a medical marijuana strain for patients suffering from anxiety, nervousness, stress or depression.

The Cherry Pie strain of cannabis is moderately easy to grow, especially when feminized. The buds are filled with orange hairs with splashes of purple. They are quite dense and potent, causing a long-lasting, fast-acting euphoria when smoked or consumed.

Origin Of Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie is an indica dominant marijuana strain. It is a cross breed hybrid with an indica level of 80% and a 20% sativa level in its genetic composition. This sweet and tart-tasting hybrid traces its roots to the cross of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison, according to rumors.

The origin of this fragrant pot has always been disputed. However, it is known for its effect which comes in a matter of minutes and can stick around for some time.

Effects Of Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie is well known for its long-lasting cerebral high. Consumers enjoy a body-heavy high suitable for relieving stress and nervousness. This strain is known for awakening happy feelings of joy -it uplifts you while encouraging creativity.

This hybrid provides an energy surge that makes the user enjoy their buzz even in sociable gatherings and situations. The well-balanced high provided by this Kush strain allows an individual to work throughout the day without feeling bogged down.

Because of its ability to boost your energy, this is considered a great daytime smoke. This is the perfect strain for those with things to do during the day. Cherry Pie will truly make you smile and melt all your anxieties away. Yet, it’s calming effect doesn't drain and slow you down -so, you’re free to take over the world.

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