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Okay, so you've got a great product already, & you're in a controlled environment (or maybe you're not), either way, it doesn't matter, this video demos a product that can help you boost your yield by 30 to 50%!

There are 2 products that I have available, 1 of them is the 1 in this video which simply helps your plants get more out of the water & soil you're already using!

The 2nd product is for the seeds that you're planting & helps them sprout more quickly to get you that extra edge on helping to boost your yield!

I've listed the video link, an image to demonstrate the difference in the results you can expect, along with my contact information so that you can find out how to get set up to purchase (& if you so chose - to sell) these products at wholesale price!

The price you see posted is for a 30-gallon drum of the product demo'd in the video, & it is the "RETAIL" price for that quantity of this product. Wholesale price is SEVERAL $100 cheaper, I strongly encourage you to go with the wholesale option.

Regardless of which route you decide to go, these products are absolutely fantastic! I've included a link to a page called "AgWeb" where you can see another individual, "Aaron" recommending the products that I'm talking about, & giving specific numbers to verify the results you can expect with your products!

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Reference Id:#584
Phone number:3143254260
Contact email :mjohnson1981@gmail.com
Buyer, seller, promoter, manufacturer ?:Matthew Johnson (Seller)
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