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*Moon Rock
*Gorilla Glue
*Blue Dream
*Girl Scout Cookies
*OG Lemon
*OG Kush
*Presidential OG
*Grand Daddy Purple
*Durban Poison
*THC Bomb
*Bubba OG
*Amnesia Haze
*Purple Nepal
*Platinum Kush
*Blue Widow
*Purple Kush
*Sour Diesel
*Strawberry Cough
*Afghan Kush
*Cherry Pie
*Strawberry Kush
*UK Cheese
*Black Diamond
*Strawberry Diesel
*SFV OG Kush


Chemdawg Shatter
Girl Scout Cookies Shatter
Green Crack Shatter
Master Kush Shatter
OG Kush Shatter
Pink Kush Shatter
Rockstar Kush Shatter
Sour Diesel Shatter
Violator Kush Shatter
Lemon Trainwreck Shatter
Sweet Skunk Shatter
Blueberry Shatter
Super Lemon Haze Shatter
Blue Dream Shatter
True OG Shatter
Jet Shatter
Pineapple express Shatter
Grand Daddy Purple Shatter


Pineapple Express wax
Grand Daddy Purple Kush Wax
White Fire OG Wax
Super Dreamy Widow Wax
Blue Dream Wax
Pineapple Express Soft Wax
Blue Rhino Wax
Afghan Kush Wax
OG Kush Wax
Pink Kush Wax
Rockstar Kush Wax
Sour Diesel Wax
Violator Kush Wax
Lemon Trainwreck Wax
OG Kush Wax
Sweet Skunk wax
Blueberry Wax
Super Lemon Haze Wax


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
Emerald OG Cannabis Oil
Humbolt Cannabis Oil
Crown Royal Cannabis Oil
Maui Waui Cannabis Oil
Chocolate Thai Cannabis Oil
Cannalope Haze Cannabis Oil
Juicy Fruit Cannabis Oil
Chocolope Cannabis Oil
Blue Dream Cannabis Oil
Trainwreck Cannabis Oil
OG Kush Cannabis Oil
Berry White Cannabis Oil
Mango Cannabis Oil
Platinum OG Cannabis Oil
Cannabis Coconut Oil (250ml)


1) Afghan (fem)
2) Ak-47 (fem)
3) Amnesia Haze (fem)
4) Big Bud (fem)
5) Blue Dream (fem)
6) Blueberry (fem)
7) Bubblegum (fem)
8) California Dream (fem)
9) Cheese (fem)
10) Chocolope (fem)
11) Chronic Widow (fem)
12) Crystal (fem)
13) GSC extreme (fem)
14) Gold Leaf (fem)
15) Green Crack (fem)
16) Jack Herer (fem)
17) Northern light (fem)
18) OG Kush (fem)
19) Pineapple Haze (fem)
20) Pure Indica (fem)
21) Purple Haze (fem)
22) Sour diesel (fem)
23) Strawberry Kush (fem)
24) Super Silver Haze (fem)
25) Super Skunk (fem)
26) Trainwreck (fem)
27) White Widow (fem)

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